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Sourabh Goyal

Founder - SuccessBrew

I believe in “GROWTH” more than “SUCCESS”, and to GROW (personally and professionally) YOU need to have the RIGHT SET OF GOALS.

I have seen 1000s of people achieving their GOALS after following the process of GOAL SETTING, PLANNING & EXECUTION I shared with them.

Here is my journey that will help you KNOW me better.

I am the youngest son of a Baniya Business Class family who chose to become a MECH ENGG and do something different from my 26 cousins (yeah, that huge is the family).

2 years of engineering job helped me understand what I want and what I don’t want in life. Working with a 64 years old CEO in your first job can do that.

2013 – 2018: Period of experimentation with Insurance sales, Direct selling, Meeting new people, Travelling to explore people and business. Fortunately, I met all my MENTORS in this period, some of them are now Billionaires.

2018: A new journey begins to experiment as a Coach and Community Builder.
πŸš€ GOAL SETTING AND STRATEGIC PLANNING (my first coaching product)
πŸš€ THE GOALCHY CLUB COMMUNITY (a support system to my participants)
πŸš€ 32+ Batches
πŸš€ 2000+ Participants from 10+ countries.
πŸš€ 400+ Goals achieved by the participants over a period of 3 years.

2019: The Content Creation Journey
πŸš€ If you are reading this, you must be wondering how I got 1.4 lakhs+ followers. No secret, I write one value-adding post every day and engage with 10-15 people each day since 16 March 2019.

2020: The year of COLLABORATION
πŸš€ I met my associate partners and together we created GROWTH HACKING BOOK 2
πŸš€ International Bestseller on Amazon
πŸš€ Golden Book of World Records Awardee
πŸš€ 100+ Marketers as contributors in sharing their knowledge

I took another leap to help Startups and MSMEs with my team’s experience in
πŸš€ Brand Startegy,
πŸš€ Marketing Startegy,
πŸš€ LinkedIn Training and Personal Branding
πŸš€ Influencer Marketing
πŸš€ Performance Marketing
πŸš€ Email Marketing (98% inbox landing ratio)

I and teamwork with brands like INSTAMOJO (we got 15,00,000 views on their content via influencer marketing and made it to the best-performing marketing campaign of the month.

Mentza (Audio learning app) – 24000 app downloads in 60 days, and also, got a good number of content creators on the platform via email marketing.

MSMEX.IN and CRATER.CLUB was really nice to onboard me as an expert to serve their consumers.

That’s me as of now.

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