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A GBN is business meetups ! Our tested business referral framework, along with GBN Hybrid, is intended to assist businesses collaborate in order to pass referral business and explore new prospects. It is free to attend a meeting and join our group, and it is a terrific way to witness an online GBN meeting in action.

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Develop Relationships

We are all about establishing trustworthy connections. Your GBN Membership is intended to foster long-term connections that deepen and evolve. Every person of your referral network contributes to your success, and you contribute to theirs. Building trusting relationships is more important than ever before for business success.

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Improve Your Skills

Your GBN Membership provides you with access to mentors, other business experts, and a variety of courses via our own learning centre, GBN Biz Creator, to help you develop your skills and confidence. You also get the assistance of a worldwide team to help you grow.

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Featured Speakers

For This Event

Hashim Adil

Speaks on Business Automation

Nitin Shah

Speaks on Goal Setting & OKR

Event Details

11 Dec @ 10:00 AM 1:00 PM

Live Wire Andheri - Mumbai

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Networking Mastery

You can network like everyone else, or you can do it better. With these simple guidelines, you will be networking with focus and efficiency, find the most valuable connections, and never miss another opportunity.

Networking is essential for success, but your typical networking events are usually boring, expensive, and ineffective. The Business Networking Ebook has the essential networking principles that will propel your business to success!

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to get anywhere without the right connections. We’ll teach you how to create genuine connections that are mutually beneficial – not fake or insincere.

About GBN

About GBN

What is GBN?

GLOBAL BUSINESS NETWORKING (GBN) is an exclusive business network for businessmen, professionals and entrepreneurs, as the name implies. It's a meetup program that will help you take your present business to the next level by using a disciplined, structured, and results-oriented networking strategy. A quality network is the essence of any business where reach and conversion ratios are to our advantage. GBN provides members with exclusive access to a global network of professionals. Here, you can network with people who are just as eager as you are to grow their business.

Why GBN?

We are a community of like-minded professionals who lend and receive assistance from one another's business knowledge and network. What you get is true teamwork among members of group, and you multiply your own contacts! Furthermore, you have access to vast variety of domain ranging from trade, service, or profession. Hardware, software, luxury items, basics, pharma, minor parts & spares, furniture, furnishing, education, books, and even apparel & accessories are all available.

Why GBN?

Why GBN?

The GBN Network

The GBN Network

The GBN Network

The goal of this endeavor is to bring businesspeople from all around the world into one network. We are now in the early stages of our firm, which means that the founding members stand to make far more in the long term. For entrepreneurial businesspeople, this is a great business opportunity! As the number of members grows, the revenue created by each chapter multiplies geometrically, increasing the revenue and profits made by its members.

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11 DEC @ 10:00 AM

Dec 11 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Livewires - The Media Institute
501 Shoppers Point, S V Road, Above Moti Mahal Hotel, Opp Andheri station -West Mumbai

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