LinkedIn Express Program

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Unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn presence with our comprehensive and streamlined “LinkedIn Express Program.” This specially curated workshop empowers you with the essential tools and strategies to elevate your profile, enhance your business visibility, and master the art of networking on the world’s premier professional platform using AI strategies along with the power of WhatsApp.

What Will You Get in This Workshop

LinkedIn BizFinder Method™

  • Get clarity in what to offer, how to offer and at what price to offer.
  • Get clarity of your target audience
  • Get clarity about creating your sales systems.

Impact Profile Enhancer™

  • Crafting a compelling headline.
  • Writing an engaging summary with P.S.A.R Framework.
  • Getting All Star on your profile.

Bizpage Optimizer™

  • Writing an engaging company description.
  • Incorporating keywords into your business page.
  • Branding your LinkedIn business page. Branding your LinkedIn business page.

LinkedIn Networking Strategies

  • Connecting with Target Audience on LinkedIn.
  • Drafting Personalized Invitation to increase acceptability by 67%
  • Building meaningful relationships.

AI Content PowerLab™

Regular, impactful content creation, a key factor missing in many business strategies.

Creating LinkedIn Posts With Canva

Attract inbound leads and clients, build your personal brand, forge connections with potential partners, and efficiently target your desired audience for better opportunities.

Different Types Of Content Writing Styles

  • Exploring various writing styles.
  • Identifying the most effective writing style for your brand.
  • Crafting engaging content using different writing styles.

Content Marketing On LinkedIn + ChatGPT

  • Designing posts using Canva templates.
  • Scheduling posts on LinkedIn.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your posts.Measuring the effectiveness of your posts.

LinkedIn Groups And Communities

  • Exploring relevant groups and communities.
  • Engaging in group discussions.
  • Building authority within groups.Building authority within groupsBuilding authority within groups. Building authority within groups. Building authority within groups

LinkedIn Follow-Up Mastery

  • Why follow-up is crucial in LinkedIn networking and business development.
  • Drafting a Welcome Hero Message for the connections
  • Timing and frequency of follow-ups. Creating a Follow-Up Schedule

Anyone who wants to move their business to the next level by avoiding mistakes and taking the proper action.

How to Start

Program Flow

Attend Live Sessions

Live session will be held 3 days in a week. Alternate Days. 90 Min each.



After each session, you will be given assignment. You need to submit the assignment within 24 hours of the class


Review Class

Each week, we will have a review class to give feedback and hand holding for the assignments done.


What Will You Get in This Workshop

09 Day’s Live Session

Discover how to pinpoint your ideal clients on LinkedIn without spending a dime on ads, setting you apart from platforms like Facebook.

Connection Request Template

Uncover the secrets of creating LinkedIn content that yields 4X engagement. We'll walk you through a step-by-step content writing syntax for maximum impact.

ChatGPT Template

Elevate your acceptance rate with top decision makers on LinkedIn by a staggering 75% on average. Learn a strategic approach to getting noticed and accepted.

Hero Introduction Template

Learn to supercharge your LinkedIn profile, ensuring higher visibility in searches and a constant influx of inbound leads.

1-1 Handholding Support for execution

Elevate your networking game by nurturing connections through strategic engagement before sending your initial message, leading to exceptional conversion rates.

Follow Up Template

Unveil the precise step-by-step guide for crafting and sharing captivating LinkedIn content, whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro.

Winning WhatsApp Strategy

Craft a winning WhatsApp strategy with engaging content, timely updates, and personalized interactions for effective communication and brand success.

WhatsApp Message Templates

Discover how WhatsApp Message Templates streamline communication, offering pre-approved, structured messages for quick and consistent customer interactions with efficiency and precision.

WhatsApp Campaign

Discover how to elevate engagement with a targeted WhatsApp campaign, delivering compelling messages to connect and captivate your audience for impactful results.

WhatsApp Automation

Discover how to boost productivity and customer engagement effortlessly with WhatsApp automation, streamlining tasks for seamless communication and enhanced user experience.

WhatsApp Chatbots

Discover how to empower customer interactions with WhatsApp chatbots—efficient, responsive, and personalized assistance, enhancing user experience and business efficiency.

WhatsApp Autoresponders

Discover how to enhance responsiveness and efficiency with WhatsApp autoresponders, providing instant replies for improved communication and customer satisfaction.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to move their business to the next level by avoiding mistakes and taking the proper action.

Struggling Entrepreneurs

Struggling Entrepreneurs, who do not know the right business strategies and not skilled to manage operations.

Business Owners

Business Owners, who are hunting for next level growth and success.

Startup Founders & Co-Founders

Startup Founders & Co-Founders, who have qualified MVP and already started operations


For getting started

    • LinkedIn live classes


For fast growth & high performance
    • LinkedIn live classes
    • WhatsApp live classes
    • WhatsApp Cloud Marketing Tool subscription for 12 Months
    • Business Breakthrough Systems Programs
    • FreelanceSutra Course
    • Amazon E-commerce Specialist Course
    • All live classes access for 12 months


For fast growth
    • LinkedIn live classes
    • WhatsApp live classes
    • WhatsApp Cloud Marketing Tool subscription for 3 months

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This course will teach you how to define and showcase your unique value proposition, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and create a strong personal brand that attracts career opportunities.

You’ll learn strategies to expand your network strategically, engage with relevant content, and position yourself as an industry expert, which can lead to valuable connections and career growth.

Absolutely! This course goes beyond the basics, offering advanced techniques to enhance your existing profile, content strategy, and networking approach for better results.

Certainly! The course will showcase real-world case studies of individuals who have effectively leveraged personal branding on LinkedIn to achieve their career goals.

The course emphasizes actionable steps and practical insights. You’ll receive guidance on creating a 1-year content plan, optimizing your profile, and networking effectively.

Yes, the course content is regularly updated to include the latest features and best practices on LinkedIn, ensuring you’re equipped with current strategies.

Absolutely. The course will help you develop a content strategy that aligns with your capabilities and goals, even if you’re not accustomed to creating content regularly.

The instructor is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in personal branding and LinkedIn strategy. They have helped numerous individuals achieve their career aspirations. Detailed profile is already available on this page above.

The course includes interactive elements, such as discussions, Q&A sessions, and group activities. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to connect with fellow participants through networking events.


The course content is designed to be adaptable across various industries. During the course, you’ll learn how to tailor the strategies to your specific goals and field.

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