What is covered

Curriculum Highlight


Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Module 2: Market Research and Validation


Module 3: Business Planning and Strategy


Module 4: Financial Management for Startups & Family-Owned Businesses


Module 5: Legal and Regulatory Considerations


Module 6: Operations and Resource Management


Module 7: Building and Leading a Team


Module 8: Marketing and Sales Strategies


Module 9: Scaling and Growth Strategies


Module 10: Pitching and Fundraising


Module 11: Entrepreneurial Networking and Pitching


Module 12: Family Business Management

Certification provided after completion

Program Highlights

What will you learn in the workshop?

Introduction to Entrepreneurship:

Market Research and Validation:

Business Planning and Strategy:

Financial Management for Startups & Family-Owned Businesses:

Legal and Regulatory Considerations:

Operations and Resource Management:

Building and Leading a Team:

Marketing and Sales Strategies:

Scaling and Growth Strategies:

Pitching and Fundraising:

Entrepreneurial Networking and Pitching:

Family Business Management:

Shape Your Future

How is real-work experience valuable?

By focusing on the specific needs of business owners and startups, Project EMERGE offers tailored advantages that help them succeed in their entrepreneurial journeys, stay relevant in the market, and meet the expectations of customers and investors.

  • Industry-relevant knowledge for practical application.
  • Adherence to established best practices for business success.
  • Understanding investors expectations for improved opportunities.
  • Market research insights for meeting customer demands.

What Will Change In Your Business?

Learn How 100’s of Other Entrepreneurs Have Scaled Their Businesses Upto 3X Running Their Business With Project EMERGE. 

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During the program, participants will receive expert mentorship, engage in interactive sessions, access comprehensive learning materials, and connect with a supportive peer network for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities.

Expert Mentorship

Participants will receive guidance and mentorship from experienced industry professionals who will provide insights, feedback, and support throughout the program.

Interactive Sessions

Engaging and interactive sessions, including workshops, discussions, and group activities, will foster a collaborative learning environment and allow participants to interact with fellow entrepreneurs and experts.

Learning Materials

Comprehensive program materials, including presentations, case studies, and handouts, will be provided to support participants' learning and provide them with valuable resources.

Peer Network

Participants will have the opportunity to connect with a diverse network of fellow participants, creating a supportive community for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking.

Who Should Attend This Workshop

Business Owners

Who wants to streamline their business operations and enhance productivity without the need for manual work or the hiring of employees.


Who wants to grow their business by automating operations with greater speed and accuracy


Who doesn't want to waste time on jobs that can be automated and would rather enhance their productivity by doing things that are important

Dealers, Distributors, Retailers, Manufacturers

Who wants to adopt an automated system in their company to increase customer service and speed.

Anyone who wants to move their business to the next level by avoiding mistakes and taking the proper action.

How to Start

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About the Trainer

Dr. Hashim Adil

Best Selling Author | CMO – Bizomatic Solutions | Mentor at Startup India

Hashim Q Adil is an innovative business strategist, known for his unique ability to simplify complex business systems. With over a decade of experience, Hashim has helped numerous businesses redefine their processes, improve their performance, and achieve their potential. His entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional analytical skills make him a trusted consultant for business owners seeking sustainable growth.



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Project EMERGE is a comprehensive program powered by Startup India that aims to help participants start or scale their businesses following 12 simple steps.

Project EMERGE is open to aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and existing business owners looking to grow their ventures.

The Project EMERGE program spans a duration of 3 months.

The program curriculum covers a wide range of essential topics, including entrepreneurship fundamentals, market research, business planning, financial management, legal considerations, operations, team building, marketing strategies, scaling, pitching, entrepreneurial networking, and family business management.

Yes, Project EMERGE is designed to benefit both startups and existing businesses looking to grow and enhance their operations.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the Project EMERGE program will receive a certificate of completion.

Project EMERGE is delivered through online channels, allowing participants to access the program materials and resources remotely.

Throughout the program, participants will receive expert guidance, mentorship, and support from experienced professionals and industry experts.

There are no specific prerequisites or prior business experience required to join Project EMERGE. The program is open to individuals with a passion for entrepreneurship and business growth.

To apply for Project EMERGE, you can visit our website [website link] and follow the registration process outlined there. Fill out the application form and submit it for review and consideration.

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