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Enterprise Automation Accelerator Program

This unique Business Growth Leadership Mastery Program is conceptualized, designed and developed by Mr. Vinod K. Pandita with his 28 years of industry, management consulting, business coaching and training experience. Vinod’s unique style of client engagement leadership, clarity of thought, understanding of client needs, deep understanding of business models, motivating approach has made him the most sought-after Business Growth & Profitability Specialist, India’s leading Business Transformation Coach and most impactful Master Trainer by clients in SME world. Each Mastery has three levels of maturity such as Foundation Mastery, Initial Mastery and Advance Mastery comprising of multiple modules and sessions to upskill and support aspiring entrepreneurs, early stage startups, struggling businesses and established businesses to take them to the next level of growth and profitability. All interventions are based on “Online Coaching Engagement” using digital technology and 1-2-1 engagement of experts with the entrepreneur. Every mastery is defined by its number of hours of knowledge sharing and each maturity level helps user/participant to go deeper in understanding and actually using and implementing the learnings of Mastery Programs.

Why You Should Participate In This Program

By participating in this mastery program, you will get answers to the following questions, which 95% of micro, small and medium business entrepreneurs do not know and the absence of expected answers to these questions impede their business growth and real success:

Do you know your market size and market share?

Do you know what limits your growth in terms of sale and expansion?

Do you know why you experience high attrition rate and you don’t attract good talent?

Do you know why you are losing competitiveness?

Do you know why are you not creating wealth?

Do you know why don’t you see your successor? losing competitiveness?

Do you know why your customers are not repeating business with you?

Do you know why your financial ratios are not healthy?

Do you know why your business is not sustaining?

Do you know how to give back to society?


Vinod K Pandita

Today, Vinod is India’s leading Business Growth Specialist, Internationally acclaimed Management Consultant, Quality Guru, Business Transformation Coach, Leadership Mentor and an Author with 28+ years of cumulative experience.


Vinod is an engineering graduate, post graduate in financial management and certified professional in the areas of quality, strategy, lean management, human resource development and leadership.

Vinod is a self-made entrepreneur and known as pioneer in starting his passionate journey of entrepreneurship at a young age of 26 after giving a very brief 4 years stint as GET, Executive and Manager with India’s large corporates in manufacturing sector in the roles of Production Engineer, SQA Engineer and Purchase Manager.

He is leading his self-started management auditing, consulting, coaching and training firm in the name of Perception Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a successful consulting business in existence for 24+ years. He has delivered high impact services in India, Middle East and Africa regions with his business associates, professional experts and team members. He has successfully delivered multi-specialty engagements for 500+ corporates, well-known public sector companies, government institutions and multi-industry MSMEs and still counting. He has participated in 10+ international conferences as a key note speaker, which gave him a tremendous exposure to lead and spearhead most challenging assignments smoothly and most effectively.

Vinod is a certified management system auditor, tutor and expert in multi-industry International standards like Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, Food Safety, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Laboratory, Public Health, Aerospace to name few.

Vinod is an ICF, USA certified Intelligent Leadership Coach, Internationally accredited NBI Practitioner certified by Creativity Foundation, South Africa and a qualified ZED Master Trainer certified by QCI, GoI. 

Enterprise Automation Accelerator Program

What You Are Going To Learn

Business Systems & Processes

Systems & Processes establish a strong base for repeatability and reproducibility of delivering products and services with consistent quality to the target customer who pays for the products and services. This activity automates business and ensures standards and best practices to run business operations smoothly and effectively.

Create Mindset

Recreating mindset of an entrepreneur is the key to lead business. Entrepreneur is born to impact society, make profits and ensure teams thrive. Growth mindset of an entrepreneur is another aspect to lead the business.

Invent Business Model

Business model is the foundation of any business to demonstrate value to the target customers. Majority of businesses do not have a documented business model and that is a major reason for them to struggle with one business idea.

Art of Delegation

Art of delegation is a mindset to work “on the business” rather than “in the business” and learn how to disengage while entrepreneur focuses on his strengths rather than trying to get involved in every activity and operations.

Financial Feasibility & Capital Structuring

Developing or altering the capital structure of a business to impact its valuation and fund its growth plans and on the other hand Asset Restructuring is to strategize Assets owned by the promoter and the business

Business Planning

Business Planning is a road map that provides Directions to plan future of the business. This milestone includes 1-3-5 year sales predictions versus expenses. This activity makes you ready with P&L and Balance Sheets for next 5 years in advance.

Go To Market Strategy & Raise Funds

This milestone makes an entrepreneur ready with pitch deck, fund raising through VC, PE, IPO or M&A.

Who Should Attend?

Struggling Entrepreneurs

Struggling Entrepreneurs, who do not know the right business strategies and not skilled to manage operations.

Business Owners

Business Owners, who are hunting for next level growth and success.

Startup Founders & Co-Founders

Startup Founders & Co-Founders, who have qualified MVP and already started operations

The Masterclass





Manufacturing, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Architecture & Interiors, Project Management, Trading, e-Commerce, IT Service, Professional Services, Tech Platforms, Retail, Logistics & Supply Chain et al.





This masterclass will have a total duration of 3 Months / 100 Days Challenge

Solutions You Get


  • Business Model (to align business with customer & market)
  • Business Planning (to create a roadmap for sales and profitability)
  • HR & Team Structures & Policies
  • Marketing & Sales Performance Tools (to increase market share and sales numbers)
  • Processes & Systems (to build strong documented processes and systems) meeting industry benchmarks of best practices
Key Take-Aways




Sustainable business outcomes majorly focusing on business growth and profitability.

Service Coverage

This engagement will cover coaching of business owners and consulting services in developing vision document, orienting key team leaders, developing organisation structure, defining systems and reporting dashboards.

The engagement will be focussed on strategic advice, tactical frameworks and implementation guide.

This will involve weekly 1-2-1 virtual sessions and monthly group coaching/consulting sessions.

Each participating business entity will get a detailed “Business Management Dossier, V 1.0”, which will cover entire gamut of business documentation templates from vision document to standard SOPs. This dossier will have everything an entrepreneur would need to run a business and grow exponentially irrespective of type and size of business.



Foundation Level
Leadership Mastery

For getting started

Excl. GST
  • Vision , Mission & Values Document
  • Company’s Business Strategy Presentation
  • Organization Structures
  • Business Model and Strategies
  • Business Plan (1-3-5 Years)
  • 5 Virtual Sessions of 90 Mins each
  • Duration 2 Weeks

Advanced Level
Leadership Mastery

For fast growth & high performance

Excl. GST
  • Everything in Intermediate level +
  • KPIs & KRAs of teams
  • Operational MIS Dashboards
  • 12 Virtual Sessions of 90 Mins each
  • Duration 12-14 Weeks


Intermediate Level
Leadership Mastery

For fast growth

Excl. GST
  • Everything in foundation level +
  • Human Resource Policies
  • Process/ Department Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • 8 Virtual Sessions of 90 Mins each
  • Duration 4-6 Weeks

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