Create Unlimited Contacts

You can add as many contacts as you like – a million, ten million, anything. The more contacts you have, the more sales you will make.
Import current contacts into your system via Excel, webhooks, or landing pages on your website. You may add as many fields as you wish.
Use webhooks to retrieve extra data. All of the contact information you need to keep track of is all in one spot.

Create Email Marketing Campaigns

Create appealing email campaigns that engage your prospects, leads, customers, and contacts.

Create/Choose one of the fantastic email templates, and send it to selected target segments. Track open and click rates and compare results across campaigns and segments.

Capture Leads with Custom Web to Lead Forms

Create and reuse contact forms with a drag & drop function on any webpage. Simply choose a template, add fields, and save the form to get started.

Segment the leads acquired automatically based on which forms they originated from, so you get a clean, clear picture of all your contacts.

You may use the built-in fields or construct your own depending on types such as text, number, date, and more. You can also redirect users to your specified URL once the form is successfully submitted.

Design Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

Create super-fast, attractive, responsive landing pages in minutes with a drag-&-drop page builder, without coding.

Use one of the powerful built-in templates or make your own.

Add tracking scripts as appropriate and map the pages to your selected domain.

Create lead magnets, product pages, registration pages, opt-in pages, and other marketing tools to give your business a boost.

Automate Marketing Tasks

Create an automation pipeline based on triggers such as a visitor submitting a form or adding a new contact.

Add a series of actions that must be performed whenever the process is activated, such as sending an email or initiating a new transaction.

Don’t waste time on manual activities; automate lead follow-ups, nurturing, and repetitive tasks in a matter of minutes.

Smart Segmentation

Each contact is unique. A different strategy is required for the user who downloaded the free eBook vs the one who signed up for a free trial or for the user who added a product to the cart or the one who purchased something.

This is made feasible through segmentation.

Automatically add contacts to the specified segments. Run customised campaigns for multiple segments, or simply divide a section into two for A/B testing.

Get Real-Time Insights with a Customisable Dashboard

Making the right business decision is now easy with the up-to-date information available on your dashboard, with real-time sales insights.

On the dashboard, you can quickly view information about open and won deals, deal status by team members, activity reminders, and more. Utilize a simple dashboard to keep track of your transactions and assess your team’s success.

Provide Proactive Customer Support

Track and resolve customer support tickets all in one place. Classify, prioritised, and assign support tickets to your customer support team.

Connect your support email address to CRM in order to receive and respond to client concerns and inquiries.

Create bespoke ticket views by adjusting the assignee, priority, status, and other parameters. Set up custom views on your ticketing dashboard to see relevant tickets.

Build a Helpdesk/Knowledgebase for Your Customers

Create a smart knowledge base to reduce support requests and enable consumers to get the answers they need. Create and manage articles and sections based on your requirements.

Upload your company’s banner and logo to personalise your helpdesk. Create an article repository so that your clients may locate answers on their own.

Increase Productivity

Plan your day effectively with a personalised calendar. Schedule events, assignments, meetings, emails, and more with your contacts. Receive quick reminders and notifications for overdue actions.

Create, organise, and track activities for your team members using the web and mobile apps. Create related activities to track your contacts.

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