Stop using multiple softwares to manage your customers

Switch to an all-in-one CRM system for your company.


Every business relies on sales, and in order to maximize the value of the leads received, every company requires Customer Relationship Management software.

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Sales isn't a one-way street. You'll need to nurture your leads' relationships. Remarketing automation by Bizoamtic CRM aids in the resolution of the most pressing marketing issue.

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It is considerably easier to generate income from an existing customer than it is to generate revenue from a new customer, but it requires effective customer support. Bizomatic CRM includes a free support solution.

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Bizomatic CRM Innovative Edge !

1200+ Users

User Friendly

72% Lead Conversion Rate

90% Customer Retention

A custom CRM solution with

All The Essential Tools To Run Your Business Smoothly...

Contact Management

Manage all customer interactions via a simple interface. You'll have access to all aspects of communication at your fingertips.

Lead Generation

Engage your website's visitors and turn them into leads. Text chat is out of date and boring; with the phone feature, you may communicate with them in real time.


Enable your team members to send quotations and bills directly from the CRM panel, saving you time and converting customers more quickly.

Support Helpdesk

Let your customers submit tickets for support issues. Your team members will be able to respond to them directly from their CRM panel.

Why you must choose Bizomatic CRM?

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    We are incredibly economical for any size of business with a flat rate cost of just INR 1500/mo. Any business be it a startup, small business or an enterprise may easily use our CRM without worrying about the hole in their bank account.
  • 02


    There isn't a single feature about which our competitors may claim exclusivity. We have every feature built in and are adding more based on our customers' requests at a flat rate. You shouldn't have to pay a premium for a feature that is available to everyone.
  • 03


    Working with our CRM is simple and secure. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can not be hacked or that there will be no downtime, but we will do our best to provide you with up to 99.9% uptime and data reliability.
  • 04


    If a software wants to be a CRM, it must be able to customize it to your needs. We recognize that each customer has unique needs, and as a result, we created our CRM with the ability to customize every aspect of it.
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    24x7 SUPPORT

    We are available to assist you when you require. It doesn't matter if you're a trial user or a paying customer. We offer ticket-based help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a paid customer, you can also phone us on our direct line.
What is Included?

#24 Unmatched Features of Bizomatic CRM


Contact Management

Manage your contacts like a boss, with instant access to every message and minute information.


Cloud Telephony

Automatically route your calls to the agents available to take the calls of your customer using cloud telephony service pre integrated in the CRM.

Quotation & Invoicing

Quickly send quotations & invoices to your customers. All of the information is retrieved automatically from CRM.


Ticketing System

Customers are more likely to stay with you if you provide better service and allow them to self-resolve their problems. You can provide 24x7 help with a good ticketing system.


Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing & hassle free run campaigns with integrated marketing automation tool. Send Email, SMS, Whatsapp message on rulesets based on your business needs. No third party integration required.


Let your actions start a chain reaction to update the CRM or perform actions like sending an email to user or customers.


Bulk Email Campaigns

Email still has the highest return on investment. Use inbuilt email service to send bulk email campaigns directly from the CRM panel. No third party email service required.

Bulk SMS Campaigns

SMS is cost effective and gives you the best opening rate. Run the bulk SMS campaigns right from the CRM panel using any SMS service provider.


Custom Forms

Create forms according to your specifications and attach them to the customer's profile. Get the information you want and need.


Deals Management

Keep track of your sales funnel at all times. There's no need to ask your coworkers or look through your CRM.



Create personalized proposals for your clients and send them to them as a PDF file. You can also develop templates that all your employees can use.

Daily Digest

On a single screen, you can see all of your tasks, missed follow-ups, and suggestions. Obtain sales performance figures and graphs and take appropriate action.

Employee Tracking

No more guess work on whether your employees had performed or performing tasks or not? Get full reporting of attandance, task and schedules of your employees on CRM panel.

Lead Management

Distribute leads to your employees automatically based on various criteria, shifts, and work loads.


File Manager

Upload and access files such as KYC documents, proposals, photos, zip-docs, and anything else relevant to customers from anywhere.


Fully Customisable

Fully customized CRM depending on your requirements. Add products & services, lead status or nearly anything.



Ready to use integrations with most common sites used for lead generation including Facebook/Instagram, JustDial, IndiaMart etc.


Create your own filters to generate customized reports based on a comprehensive set of search parameters. You can quickly create any form of report.

Task Scheduler

Create and schedule tasks to get an automated reminder before to a meeting or follow-up. It's no longer possible to forget a meeting.


You may effortlessly send data to any third-party app. A straightforward approach to using one-way APIs.



Custom forms and processes can help you automate approval management. Improve approval turnaround times.


Inventory Management

No need to go to a third party tool to regularly check and manage inventory. Inventory management is one of the unmatched feature included inside.


Do basic accounting like Cash and Bank Book to create and track your cash inflows across business.


Appointment Management

Automate appointments and bookings for your business with an inbuilt appointment feature.

The list doesn't end here. Believe us, we have just started.

Ready To Get Started?

Have a look at our subscription plans, we have specially designed according to your budget and need.

Yearly (25% Discount)


For getting started

Per Month
  • Metadesk CRM with Basic Features
  • Unlimited Leads Management
  • Unlimited contacts Management
  • Whatsapp Automation with Official API
  • Team Management
  • Lifetime Implementation Support



For fast growth & high performance

Per Month
  • Metadesk CRM with Basic Features
  • Unlimited Leads Management
  • Unlimited Contacts Management
  • Whatsapp Automation with Official API
  • Accounting Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leave Management
  • Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Team Management
  • Lifetime Implementation Support


For fast growth

Per Month
  • Metadesk CRM with Basic Features
  • Unlimited Leads Management
  • Unlimited Contacts Management
  • Whatsapp Automation with Official API
  • Accounting Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leave Resource Management
  • Team Management
  • Lifetime Implementation Support

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Bizomatic CRM

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